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The modern CMS for .NET Developers.

What about features?

Blazor & Site Hosting.
Build and deploy .NET Blazor apps with the pureblazor platform.
Native AI.
Get help generating titles, summaries, references, tags, and more.
Use our built-in identity platform.
Secure by default.
Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. SSL certificates are automatically provisioned and renewed.
Powerful API.
Built for developers. Build plugins for yourself or for the plugin marketplace. Connect to anything.
Live editor.
Write your content with the live editor. Instant feedback as you type.
Tailwind built-in.
Tailwind CSS Magic. Use it in Blazor Blocks™. Use it on content pages. It just works.
Eject anytime.
Eject your site pages and data anytime to own the entire experience.

See our roadmap

Visual Page Builder.
Build visually with Blazor Blocks™. Start with the page builder and eject to Pure Blazor anytime.
Our built-in analytics offer an integrated solution, complete with GDPR compliance and opt-in cookie banners.
Automatic backups.
Peace of mind. Backup to our cloud storage or to your own Azure Blob, S3 bucket, or GitHub repository.
First class support for your e-commerce store.
Background jobs.
The easiest framework for recurring jobs, period. Just drop in your code and you're done.
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